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Strasbourg – Belgium: Euthanasia Case Accepted by the European Court for Human Rights

Strasbourg – Belgium: Euthanasia Case Accepted by the European Court for Human Rights The long-awaited case by Tom Mortier against LEIF (pro-euthanasia lobby group) Oncologist Wim Distelmans has been accepted for investigation by the European Court for Human Rights. Many hope that it might finally put a break on the flood of euthanasia cases executed

Iraq: Christmas, Now an Official Holiday

Iraq: Christmas, Now an Official Holiday On the 25th of December, an astonishing and encouraging declaration was published on the official Iraqi government twitter account. Christmas is now an official holiday, for both for Muslims and Christians. What a ‘Joy to the World’ to observe this in Iraq, a country that went through tremendous hardships

Congo: Situation of Christians Worsening

Congo: Situation of Christians Worsening in North Kivu After Islamist Attacks in Beni The situation in North Kivu has been dire for many years due to the civil war. And now, in the middle of one of the worst spreading Ebola crises, the ADF (Muslim Defense International), a group of Islamist militants attacked Beni, a

Great Britain: Absurdus, Absurdior, Absurdissimus

Great Britain : Absurdus, Absurdior, Absurdissimus – British City Council Recommends Schools to Teach that Boys can Have Periods The City Council of Brighton & Hove issued guidelines for teachers to make sure that boys are not discriminated against: in new sex education the children should be taught that boys also can have periods. Added to

Belgium: New 2-child family policy

Belgium: New 2-Child Family Policy Starts on the 1st of January 2019 – One Father Fights Back The Belgian social system puts most of its citizens in a situation of need for social welfare. One of its pillars, is the dependency of families to ‘Child Benefit’ (‘Kindergeld’), subsidized by taxes. A major shift in the

Belgium: ‘Euthanasia’ trial only tip of iceberg?

Belgium : ‘Euthanasia’ Assisen trial of Lieve Thienpont only the tip of the Iceberg? Some talk about a similar precedent with no consequences in 2006 with Dr. Marc Cosyns The disturbing evolution about what has come to light with one more professional involved in unlawful practices around euthanasia could be only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Germany: A different kind of Christmas

Germany, Stuttgart: A Different Kind of Christmas – A Group of Young Men from Germany ‘Erntehelfer’ (Helpers in the Harvest) they call themselves. The all-volunteers, self-financing group regularly travels Europe, helping local churches with practical work. Since being founded 1,5 years ago, it has helped in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Russia and Rumania. But this

The task of a Shepherd

International: The task of a Shepherd Have you ever wondered how difficult the task of a shepherd is? Watch: Imagine the task of our Great Shepherd, with hundreds of millions of sheepin our hyper-individualistic society of today – that video is peanuts in comparison! It’s a good thing He is all-knowing, almighty, love itself and